Window Tint

Computer cut patterns using the best products. Whether you want an inexpensive film to protect your new driver or you want ultimate heat block for someone a little more experienced - like yourself. The Tint Shop Las Vegas has you covered.


Vehicle Wraps

Sick and tired of your same old boring ride? Let The Tint Shop Las Vegas hook you up by changing the look of your vehicle with Stripes, Graphics, or changing the color of your car.


Smoked Lights

Need to finish off the look of your vehicle. How about smoking out those headlights and tail lights? Our films are designed to give you the enhanced look of smoked lights without the permanence of painted lights. Designed to be able to be removed if the need arises.


Check Out our New Location

Welcome to The Tint Shop Las Vegas. Our clean, comfortable showroom offers multiple waiting areas with TV and WiFi. Come check out the Heat Display room with the latest in heat rejection technology window films.

Installation Done Right

In the window tint business the old saying "Cleanliness is next to Godliness" holds true for sure. A clean, indoor install area is paramount in making sure your car window tint looks as good as it can. All of our window tint patterns are computer cut to ensure an accurate fit. Quality work done right the first time..


Ready for an Appoinment?

Text or call and we will find a time that works for your schedule!